Image guided Radioembolisation

Within the research with radioembolisation and intratumoral particulated (radio)therapy the development,(pre)clinical evaluation and valorisation of different particulate systems for visualizing and treatment of liver malignancies, head & neck tumors, brain tumors and other oncological tumors are studied.


Aim & Approach

Aim of this research is to develop particle based imaging and therapy for local application in malignancies. One specific goal of this research group is to bring proven concepts into the patient. Approaches that are used are:

  • multimodality imaging probes (nuclear, MR and CT imaging)
  • development and testing of radioactive lanthanide containing microspheres
  • theragnostics (combined diagnostic and therapeutic agents)
  • image guided treatment (Real-time personalized approach)
  • controlled drug delivery (e.g. focused ultrasound) carriers for tumor targeting
  • translation and valorisation of diagnostic and therapeutic systems

The core activity of this pre-clinical research group "diagnostic and therapeutic (radio)pharmaceuticals" is the development of selective diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals that can be visualised by multi modality medical imaging (SPECT, PET, MRI, CT, US). The research that is performed fits into a bench-to-bedside approach of translational research. The research will be carried out within the division of Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear medicine in close cooperation with the medical physicians of the UMC Utrecht, the department of pharmacy of both the UMC and the University of Utrecht, the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and the Central Animal laboratory (GDL) of the University of Utrecht . The research group focus on the process of value-creation out of knowledge (valorisation), by making his research suitable and available for societal or economic utilisation.

Treatment with Holmium