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T.J. (Tom) Snijders, PhD



Neuro oncology


Scientific research

  • Validation and innovation of imaging techniques for brain tumors, including MRI-scans and PET-scans
  • Cognitive symptoms in glioma patients
  • Epilepsy due to brain tumors
  • The multidisciplinary Team Neuro-Oncology of the UMC Utrecht aims to provide patients with the most recent innovative (experimental) treatments for brain tumors as part of clinical studies.

Short biography

T.J. (Tom) Snijders, PhD, completed his medical studies and his Neurology residency in the UMC Utrecht. During his training, he obtained a PhD-degree in the field of chronic pain medicine. He sub-specialized in Neuro-oncology during his residency.

Since 2011, he works as a neurologist in the UMC Utrecht. His practice encompasses all aspects of neuro-oncological patient care. His scientific work focuses on primary brain tumors, specifically gliomas, with special attention for imaging techniques, cognition and epilepsy. He is also involved in providing and evaluating experimental treatments (international clinical trials) in the UMC Utrecht.


  • 2013-2015: Member of the team Guidelines ‘Intracranial meningeomas’ of Landelijke werkgroep Neuro-Oncologie, that edited the recent Dutch multidisciplinary guideline 'Intracraniële meningeomen' (2015).
  • Since 2013: chairman of the editing board of www.hersentumor.nl, an organisation that provides reliable, current and objective information on brain tumors for patients and their relatives.
  • Since 2015: Member of the Task Force on Bing Neel Syndrome of the 8th International Workshop on Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia.